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Performing at Allen County War Memorial Collesium in Fort Wayne, IN on Halloween 2007

1.Three Days Grace – Never Too Late- Live I heart radio

2.Three Days Grace-The Chain(Heart Radio!)

3. Three Days Grace- Riot Live I heart radio

4.Three Days Grace – The Good Life- Live I heart radio

5.Three Days Grace – Break- Live I heart radio

1. Three Days Grace-Home(Live in Victoria,BC)

2. Three Days Grace – Last to Know

3. Three Days Grace – Take Me Under

4. Three days grace – Riot

5.Three Days Grace-Break(Live in Victoria,BC)

6. Three Days Grace—Bitter Taste—Live in Victoria

7.Three Days Grace – Last To Know

8. Three days grace – World so cold

9. Three Days Grace—Pain—Live in Victoria BC

10. Three days grace – I don’t care

11 Three Days Grace—Lost in You—Live in Victoria BC

12. Three Days Grace—Animal I Have Become—Live in Victoria BC

13. Three Days Grace–The Good Life–Live in Victoria BC

14. I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace – Live in Victoria BC

15.Three Days Grace—drum solo—Live in Victoria BC

16.Three Days Grace—Never Too Late—Live in Victoria BC

17.Three Days Grace—Just Like You—Live in Victoria BC


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1 Burn

2 Scared

3 Let You Down

4 Home

5 Just Like You

6 Wake Up

7 Overrated

8 I Hate Everything About You

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1.Never too late

2 Pain

3 The Drugs Don’t Work HD

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1. Lost in you

2. Pain

3. Never too late

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1 Intro

2 Animal I Have Become

3 Pain

4 Just Like You

5 Let It Die

6 Wake Up

7 I Hate Everything About You

8 Rooster (Alice In Chains cover)

9 Riot

10 Get Out Alive

11 Never Too Late

12 Scared

13 Gone Forever

14 Home / Hey Man, Nice Shot (Filter cover)